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If you are approved, please comment here with your character's name, a link to their journal, and series (if applicable). Characters will be sorted by name.


Anatoli Schreier :: wiseguypossum :: Island of Doctor Moreau :: OC/RPU
Antoinette Devereaux :: inkedalbino :: Island of Doctor Moreau :: OC/RPU






Gerra Zard :: emeraldbitch :: OC




Kai Wolfe :: realitynegative :: OC
Karkat Vantas :: dungenessmaster :: Homestuck :: AU/RPU








Shion Uzuki :: handthatwounds :: Xenosaga :: AU/RPU (The Ineffable Game)
Sinon :: flieswithgeese :: +Anima :: EX/Fandom OC



Vakil :: seventhsorcerer :: D&D :: OC/RPU (Blip)
Vriska Serket :: thespiderswe8 :: Homestuck :: AU/RPU (Blip)





Character submission form:
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