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Sands of Reverie is intended to be, for the most part, an OC-centric game, or simply a home for wayward muses. It can even, if you wish, be a landing area of sorts for characters that you miss playing whose games have closed or gone inactive, or simply characters stuck in your head without any real place to play at. Although we mostly want to have a population of OCs, most people who have roleplayed a canon character for so long knows that a particular muse may have become so developed that at that point he or she is practically an original character and no longer playable at other games once their home game closes or eventually dies out. And those strange AUs that exist in your head? They are welcome here too.

The game is part-sandbox, part-serious roleplay. Because of the dreamlike nature of the game, most things don't hold for very long. Although this is intended to be a casual environment, we expect players to adhere to a few basic rules of conduct.

o1. Act like an adult. We expect maturity and respect from all our players, so be good to one another. Don't start fights with other players or act like a passive-aggressive twit over something inconsequential like taking more than 5 seconds to tag. It's a roleplay about kooky dreams on the internet. Calm down.
o1a. DO NOT BRING IN OLD DRAMA FROM OLD GAMES/PLAYERS. Leave it in the graveyard where it belongs. This is not the time or place to reopen old wounds and start fights over something that happened years ago at a game that closed, grow up.

o2. DO NOT PEE IN THE SANDBOX. We realize this is a dream setting where anything can happen, but if you pose your character doing things like taking over the island or having massive DBZ-style overpowered pissing contests to show off how POWAHFUL you are, we're going to throw you out pretty fast. Go roleplay on Gaia, they have an entire forum for that.
If the character's powers section is longer than his/her personality section (and especially the backstory section!) on your app, we're going to eat you. Powergaming is not something we will tolerate here.

o3. Sands is primarily OC-centric. Canon characters are allowed, but only as alternate universe interpretations or adaptations from a previous game. There are multitudes of games out there that allow and even require canon backgrounds, we are not one of them. Naturally, this has to be developed to a certain extent as we aren't going to be approving shallow concepts like "Sephiroth but A GIRL! tee hee breasts." Put thought into it, be detailed but not convoluted. We eat creative backstory and character development like candy! For previously-roleplayed characters, a summary of the RP would be helpful so we know how it affected them, specifically the events that fostered growth and development in the character that makes them so different from canon.
o3a. A good example of an AU would be a character who chose to kill someone in canon, or spare someone he killed; or somebody who was raised by a different person (IE an orphaned character who got picked up by the villain instead of his/her caretaker in the series, if reasonably plausible) and how these events have affected their lives and those of the people around them.

We prefer AUs to stay within their own fandom, but that doesn't rule out crossovers that are well-done and thought out and could plausibly happen. Please see Rule o3g for details on crossovers.

o3b. Exceptions may tentatively be made for un(der)developed side-characters in a series that offer room for you to make him/her your own by fleshing out their backstory and personality within reason. These, and AU apps, will be looked at carefully.

o3c. The AU character must maintain his or her core personality; please don't use this as an excuse to turn a character into your self-insert with a pretty face, become a slut, or become an emo wankfest because it's AU. AU =/= bad fanfiction.

o3d. Likewise, no vampire AUs if there are no vampires in the original series. :P That also goes for werewolves, catboys, furries, demons, etc. Adapted characters from other games are tentatively allowed to have these features if that was a part of the game or something that happened over the course of a game, but we're going to be scrutinizing the application to keep the shallow fangirl horseshit to a minimum.

Here are some good and bad examples of a "monster" AU: "In the scene where Frumpy fights a werewolf in canon, instead of successfully fighting the creature off he actually gets bitten and now must deal with the consequences. This has changed him because of x, y, and z reasons." has a vastly higher chance of getting approved over "In this AU, Frumpy and all of his friends have cat ears and fluffy wings because it's kawaii uguu~ also he's a vampire now. It has made him cuter and more mysterious. I saw it on a manga cover so it totally counts as part of his canon!" Your character can, of course, temporarily dream or have a nightmare about becoming a monster or grow a pair of cat ears if that is something the character ICly wants or even experience a brainfart but it's not going to be permanent and they should react accordingly.

o3e. AUs from different settings/alternate time periods are absolutely welcomed and encouraged as long as there's thought and research put into it, and that's not because one of the mods is a history nut or anything. ;) Great comic book examples would be Batman: Gotham by Gaslight which stars Batman in a late Victorian setting or 1602 which stars the X-men in a medieval setting, or some general examples like Xenosaga set during the American revolution (idefk lol, I kind of want to see this now) or even something ridiculous and campy like Final Fantasy V IN SPACE (I really want to see this now XD).

o3f. OCs from fandoms may not and may never be directly related to canon characters in any way. No Harry Potter's long lost sisters, no Rorschach's secret lovers, no "original" clones or evil twins of Warchief Thrall, no characters that are "just like" Buffy that look slightly different or have a different name. Seriously, this isn't Fanfiction.net. Just no.

o3g. Crossover AUs are going to be looked at carefully. Above all, it has to make sense and the character must still be recognizable. Extreme crossovers are not allowed, as we prefer AUs to stay within their fandom. Examples of crossovers we don't want are Ash Ketchum is born on Tatooine and raised as a Jedi Master or Terezi from Homestuck is born a human and raised as a student at Hogwarts or Toothless falls into a dimensional hiccup and ends up in Azeroth (u c wut i did thar :V). Plausible examples of crossovers can be things like Zack from FFVII dies and ends up in the afterlife of FFXII or plausible setting overlap like Sherlock Holmes must solve a case where the Invisible Man is the culprit. If it makes sense, if there's thought put into it, and most importantly, the character is still recognizable, go for it.

o4. Reflecting the above, no permanent genderswaps for canon characters. Unless the character is actually transgendered, and thus would dream about him/herself being their true gender (and we must have canon evidence that the character is trans), I'm going to nip this in the bud before we get asked too many questions about that in regards to AUs, and it's just territory we don't want to tread in a general audience game.
Claiming you're apping a character from an AU where s/he is transgendered to get around this isn't going to fly, plus it makes you look like an idiot and it's offensive to actual trans people. Don't do it!

o5. Be sensible! Sex is allowed, but we'd prefer it if you faded to black or took it to locked posts in revafterdark instead of in public threads. And if it involves underage characters, we'll break your fingers. This is not a porn or romance game, but we aren't going to deny the fact that people have sex and plug our ears while pretending it doesn't happen. Keep all public posts somewhere around a PG-13/R rating, but if smut becomes the majority of posts, we may have to clamp down.
In other words do not hole up in your room and have sex all day and not interact with the rest of the game. Take that to your musebox, please.

o6. Three strikes and you're out! If we have to confront you numerous times for misconduct or after hearing complaints from other players about your behavior, you will be permanently removed from the game. Please see Rule 1.

o7. Rules are subject to change as the situation requires, but hopefully we won't need to. We will make an announcement at reverieooc if we do. ♥

o8. Questions? Go ahead and ask in comments!
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